Home School vs Public School sample essay

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between home schooling your children and sending them to a public school? How are there learning environments different and similar? How do they teach the state standards compared to teaching them yourself? What are the disadvantages and advantages of home schooling and public school? Doing the research yourself can be a waste of time sometimes or if you don’t have the time. The learning environment of public school is kind of a hassle. They teach the students as a whole, the students can ask for help if they are having trouble with what they are learning.

Also public school pushes the students to do their best in class to make sure that they understand what they are working on. The teachers also allow the student to go to the library to learn more helpful things in life. If they can read on their own why not give them the chance to read as many books as they want and not limit them. Some teachers want to challenge the children in their reading and it also improves your children’s reading score and lets them understand and comprehend more words. Also public school is very good at socializing your children with other children there age and they make friends to play with each other.

Home schooling environment is more on the pace of the adult that is teaching the children. The adult also chooses the setting to have the children in, as well as the environment could be in a loud place or a calm relaxing environment. Messing with the environment of the children can make it so that they end up misbehaving and not listening due to them being stressed. Home schooling background also makes it harder to socialize your children to other children there age and you could also cause issues with other children and your children. All schools follow a state standard that all students are supposed to pass without ease.

Public schools follow a chart that states what the students need to learn that week, and that is what they should be learning and have it learned by the end of the that lesson week. If any student doesn’t completely understand the lessons that are told to leave the room and to go see a different teacher to have them explain it to them. As well if you were to fall behind in your school work, they normally don’t help you make it up, they will give you at least two days to get the work turned in or it would be counted as incomplete and that would lower your grade.

You would have to get the notes from a friend to understand how to do the assignment, also you get a tutor that is easier to come to your home then to school for one on one learning. When you are the one that is teaching and you can teach at your own pace or the pace that your children want to learn the material. If they are grasping the concept very well without any issues then they could move onto a different lesson. As though there are some students that need the special help and you could be on that lesson or that material for a month.

As long as you get the lessons for that whole year done then you would be on tract with the lessons. The advantages of a public school is to have some alone time with yourself and to have time away from the children and be able to run errands and go to doctor appointments without the kids. Being able to be alone in the house without children is the best time to clean and complete your grocery shopping. The disadvantages of public school are all the drama that occurs within the walls of the school.

The administrators are also sometimes not the best people to have around your children. Sometimes how they treat their students due to them being out of school very often or if they are having a hard time in school and the teacher doesn’t not want to help. The advantages of home schooling would be having more family time and being able to monitor the progress of the children’s learning ability to read and to understand how to comprehend how they solve the work. Also if the child is sick you wouldn’t have to go pick them up from school, they would already be home.

You wouldn’t also have to deal with the drama between your children and other children and the teachers. The disadvantages of home schooling is that you would very rarely get time alone without the children and it could stress you out and make you feel like you have been enclosed in a cocoon. Having the ability to send the children off to school and be able to be your own person and not have to listen to the children whine about something and to get them to understand what it is like to be socialized is all beneficial in the end.

Having the ability to completely understand the difference between the two different types of schools that are out there to allow your children to go to and them enjoy either choice that you choose. With people having their own opinions about certain schools why not get the information straight from the information and based on what the opinions say. Having the feeling that you did your research and your children are getting the education that you would like them to have it a good feeling. Finding the right reasons and the wrong reasons for sending your children to a school that you have looked at is better than not knowing about it at all.