Premarital sex is when people engage in sexual activities before marriage. It is considered a taboo in almost all religious cultures. Some countries are against the act while others are not. In the Western countries, premarital sex has been accepted. Committers engage in this immorality either with a married or unmarried person. It is a consensual act and therefore cannot be termed as rape. There are a number of reasons people engage in this act: age, cultural and religious beliefs, peer pressure, environment and the influence of technology.

In the Islam religion for example, a woman should only be married if she is a virgin. Children born out of marriage acquire the name of their mother as their surname. The child cannot inherit from his father and he (father) has no obligation to the child. Muslims are encouraged to keep their sex lives private. In case members of the family know that one of them has engaged in sex before or outside marriage, they are encouraged to forgive and keep the matter to themselves as well. Dating is acceptable but partners should wait until they are married to enjoy sex. They allow mature women to get married while still in school. There are no tough consequences or punishments for people who have practiced this immoral behavior.

The Christian culture does not condone this behavior either. Although the Bible does not say premarital sex is a sin, adultery is. Adultery is the act of having sexual intimacy with a person whom you are not married to. It is discouraged as it could lead to early pregnancies, school dropout and committers are at risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Sex is unique and God designed it for married partners. It was meant to make two people one flesh.

Traditionally, women got married in their early 20`s since most of them were considered virgins. In the 14th century, men used chastity belts to keep their wives from engaging in sexual activities like adultery, rape or masturbation. The chastity belt was a piece of metal that women wore as an undergarment. The knights would go on missions for long periods and they wanted to be certain that their wives would remain pure and untouched until they return. Looking at this from another perspective, men showed how insecure they were and the extent at which they did not trust their wives.

During the adolescent stage, teens want to experiment everything and their bodies are sexually active. A number of teens engage in this act during the adolescent stage. Technology has made it possible to access any kind of information including pornography. Teens are tempted to practice what they watch in these sites hence engaging in premarital sex. People also engage in this act due to peer pressure. They feel lonely and are at times criticized by their friends when they disclose their sexual status. Some children are raised in settings where they are so exposed to sexual activities. This leaves them vulnerable to experimenting sex.


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