Happiest Day sample essay

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Once I asked my mom a couple questions, she thinks this homework assignment is silly because it is causing us to fight. My opinion on her parenting is that she is all of them, mostly authoritarian, and she thinks she is authoritative. When she makes me do all the house work, or she takes away my phone and freedom, I think is harsh punishments. She thinks she is authoritative because she is loving and supportive, and she encourages me to set goals. My mom wants me to be confident but she doesn’t think I am. Of course we are going to have different perspectives. After all, she is the parents, and I am the young vibrant child.

Her hardest part about being a parent is wanting my sister and me to be a good child, and grow up with no regrets. She knows drugs are easy to get to, and she is scared about that. Finishing high school and not getting pregnant is what she wants, which of course I am not going to. Going to college, having good grades, staying away from boys, having goals and responsibility is a hard thing to teach, especially if you do not know if you are doing it right. My mom is having troubles getting me off my phone to spend time with her.

“Being a parent has changed my life 150%” she announced. Now she is more reliable and responsible, much better then when she was young. “Having two kids has made my life worth living after my mom passed away.” She thinks that the easiest part about being a parent is loving her children. From the moment she held her babies in her arms was the first time she knew what real love was. She never thought that anything, ANYTHING could mean as much to her as when her children were born.

The best advice she has ever gotten about being a parent is, don’t sweat the small stuff, and pick and choose your battles. An example is when your child does not want to wear gloves if it is really cold outside, don’t make them. It is their faults they didn’t wear gloves, it’s not going to kill them. Next time it is cold, they have learned to put gloves on. Children are not perfect, so don’t try to fix them.

My mom has never regretted having kids. She is glad that she waited till she was a little older. “I have always wanted kids; I was a baby sitter when I was only 12.” She explained. From the happiest day of her life, when I said ‘mommy’ to the scariest day, when I busted my head open, and when she walked in that hospital with so much blood on me that my blue dress was purple.