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In this project Clean Insure Solutions Company, is providing software solutions for insurance brokers in Europe. This will be a new product, an enhanced version of the company’s Broker EN-Sure product. This new product release will increase Clean Insure Solutions market share in Europe. Time to market is also a critical factor in meeting the business expectations.

1- A proposed schedule network diagram was done with an expected duration of 18 days in order to complete this project on time the activities on the critical path (B, C, E, H and I) needs to be monitored closely According to Sanghera ” Each activity on a critical path has zero float time and therefore poses a schedule risk. So, you must monitor the activities on all critical paths very closely during the execution of the project” ” (PMP 2010 p.131)

Critical path method allows the project manager to concentrate on making best scheduling decision. Thus if the project manager find a way to reduce the critical path of this project, the overall project will save time. Finally by using CPM Project manager can control the project by comparing the actual performance with the planed performance and he should know whether or not the project on schedule or not. Thus if any delay on any of the activities B, C, E, H or I he will need to expedite it by any means possible adding more resources or working two shifts in order to complete project on time.

Project manager will be responsible for the whole project and activities processes to make sure that he get the right end result and also will be coordinating between the different teams of the project and conduct progress meeting to follow up and ease any problems that comes in the way and make sure that risk management and communication management plan in place. Technical lead will be responsible for the Architectures and developers and make sure that they have the right input to produce the right product for the end user. Business lead will be responsible for the business team and the coordination for the marketing and the sales issues of the end product. Quality manager will be responsible for developing a quality management plan and lead his team to make sure that technical team produce a quality end product.

In conclusion as described by Sanghera (PMP 2010 p.165)” human resource planning accomplishes two things: It determines roles to perform the schedule activities, and it develops a staff management plan to fill those roles with team members” Human resources is vital to any project so if the project teams were not competent and skilled enough project will fail.


1. PMP in Depth: Project Management Professional Study Guide for the PMP Exam, 2nd edition Paul Sanghera 2010 published by Course Technology Press