Guidelines for Report sample essay

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•We focus on just the executive summary, because in your career that is what management will most often read from your report. The focus is on the logic of your argument and how well your report builds a clear coherent business case for decision makers. This means part of your task is to decide what information to include in your summary and what information is not essential. Your writing will need to be crisp and precise.

•There are multiple potentially correct answers to this case. The quality of your summary comes down to how well you can justify your conclusions and how persuasive your argument is. Therefore, you will need to consider not just what you say but how and why you say it.

•This report will require you to apply techniques covered in MGB309. Not all the techniques will necessarily be applicable or helpful. Part of your job as an analyst is to identify and apply the right tools and techniques for your analyses.

•Adequately conducting the analyses will not guarantee an excellent mark. It is an important but not the only part of the process. A really good summary requires that you synthesise your information to build a compelling case rather than just report findings. The assignment requires that you demonstrate your understanding of strategic management through application of your strategic analysis knowledge.

•Showing where you obtained the data from through appropriate referencing is an important aspect to substantiate your analysis. The references you use may be checked. If you use ideas that are not yours but are taken from a resource you have to reference it. Remember that the quality of the source will determine the credibility of the argument. Referring to essays from other students found on the internet is therefore highly inappropriate.