Field study 3 Answer Essay

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Field study 3 Answer

Name of Center Observed:
Date of Observation:
Name of Observer:

1. Print Resources
In depth information in a topic.
Good sources of information.
Present the main facts or hi-lights of an event.
Exercise professional judgement in deciding whether to cover all the materials in the textbook or not. Adapt or replace any part of a textbook found inappropriate to the needs of the students and use other supplementary learning and resources to support students learning.

2. Audio Resources
MP3 Player
Compact Disc
Improve listening Skills
Easy to operate
Can be used for big or small groups
Teachers can be used in speech rehearsals, drama, musical presentation etc. 3. Non-electronic Visual Resources
Bulletin Board
Mock Ups
It is highly versatile
Intended to show the essential parts which are made detachable. The teacher uses it to present a preview of the lesson to be presented as a way of motivating the students. The teacher must use it for focusing observations on the desired part to be studied as well as the function relationships of the parts.

4. ICT Resources
Multimedia resources (Audio-visual teaching aids, web-based material, computer software packages, online platforms etc.) Flexibility
Multi-sensory experience
Possibility of interactivity
Teacher select materials that present different sides of controversial issues to help students to develop their critical thinking and to make informed judgement in their daily lives. Impression:

Since the school is under construction most of the facilities are not present, even the Learning Resources. The teachers were the one who provides the learning materials she/he needs to teach her/his students like the audio resources and ICT Resources. It would be better for the teachers if all the learning resources are present in their school.

Name and Signature of Observer:

Name and Signature of the Learning Resources Center In-Charge: