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Visit at least two different fast-food restaurants that make hamburgers and observe the basic differences in the following processes: How are in store orders taken How are the hamburgers prepared How are special orders handled How are the burgers cooked How are the burgers assembled Is a microwave used How are other items such as fires and drinks handled The two fast-food restaurants that I visited were McDonalds and In-and Out. The main differences that I found between the two restaurants were freshness and customer service.

When in comes to in store orders at McDonalds, you wait in line to place your order. It seems to be not as customer service driven. You give them your order, which seems to be informal, and not that personable. You pay and stand off to the side until they call your order. They announce your order is ready by saying your order out loud, for example number 2 with a diet coke, without your name attached. At McDonald’s the hamburgers are prepared from frozen possessed meat, they then they cook the meat on the grill.

As far as special orders go you must tell the cashier exactly what you don’t want because the burgers come as they are. The cashier then inputs the data into the computer, which then in turn allows the kitchen to make the arrangements. The employees in the kitchen then prepare the burgers; they utilize somewhat of an assembly line to make sure the right ingredients get put on the right burger. With McDonalds you do not have full visibility of the kitchen staff preparing the food. While at McDonalds I did not see a Microwave used.

When it comes to fries, McDonalds has their fries frozen in a large plastic bag they then cook them in oil. With drinks you serve your self. When I went into In and Out it was a little different of an experience, and seemed more personable. The orders here are taken similar to McDonalds, but they take your name and give you a number, you wait off to the side and they then call your name and number aloud. The hamburgers at In and Out are grilled using higher quality meat, without preservatives, and they utilize local beef distributors.

When it comes to special orders, it seems every order at In and Out is a special order. They ask you exactly what you want, where’s McDonalds doesn’t ask you exactly what you want, they just assume and you must be the one who asks for changes. The cashier then inputs the data into the computer, which then in turn allows the kitchen to make the arrangements. The burgers are cooked on a grill just like McDonalds. When it comes to the assembly, In and Out also utilize somewhat of an assembly line to add ingredients.

In and Out uses fresh ingredients, the kitchen is open and you can see the employees making the food right in front of you. As far as I saw, a microwave was not used. As for fries, they use fresh potatoes with out preservatives, instead of bagged fries. As far as drinks goes at In and Out you also serve yourself. This assignment was quite interesting, I would defiantly choose In and Out over McDonalds. They have fresh ingredients, you can have it your way, and the experience is more personable.