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Around the world, so many people always like buy new things, if the things can not using. However, nowadays, some places still have many poor people, they do not have enough money to buy any new things. In my opinion, I agree that instead of always buying new things, people should mend or exchange their possessions. I will explain the reasons and real examples in the following paragraphs.

People always buying new things, especially, some luxury, because they buy new goods that will enable them look more decent and that can show them have a lots of money. For example, the spending power of Chinese consumers highly luxury. Many young Chinese consumers wantonly spending. They travel quite a gorgeous dress. They never used goods by mend or exchange. However, this is not a good consumer attitudes, and that may wasting a lot of money.

People should repair instead of replace things, that can save some money to help the poor people that which person who need to help. While we may enjoy starting fresh and replacing our goods, but it is often better to simply repair. For example, “Buy the best quality shoes and boots that you can afford so that they last,” says Bongiorno. Your cobbler can make worn shoes look as good as new for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new pair. Consider replacing soles, fixing zippers, and polishing up whenever you can for as little as $10. Thus repair things is better than to buy another things.

Another way, that we can sell or exchange our possessions online, such as: Barter Quest or Trade These sites allow the users to post their items online. Then the consumer can buy an item, sell an item, or swap an item with other members on the same site. For example, you bought a game and you do not want to play it anymore. In this case, you can just exchange it for another game with someone else that is also looking to exchange game. The same applies for audio books, movies, clothes, game consoles etc. That can help people to have new things, it also do not waste money to buy.

In conclusion, people do not need always buy new items. There many ways can get the new things and you can exchange the things. In the future, I hope that more people know how to properly deal with their own stuff.


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