“Everyday Use” by Walker Essay

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10 November

“Everyday Use” by Walker

Although I enjoyed “Everyday Use” by Walker, I did not find the first person point of view to be as effective as I would have liked it to be. By writing the story from mama’s point of view Walker denies the reader a chance to gain insight to how the other characters are feeling about the situation. The story tends to give the reader a bias opinion of the events that occur in the story. I believe that if Walker had used an omniscient point of view instead of a first person point of view the story would have been a lot more effective. Mama had a very bias opinion of Dee and by using her point of view for the story the reader adopt her opinion.

But had Walker used an omniscient point of view the reader could have gained insight into Dee’s thoughts and feelings. With the gained insight the reader would be given the chance to form his or her own opinion of Dee. Further insight into Dee’s thoughts and feelings would explain to the reader why Dee acts so superior to Mama and Maggie. The reader would get an idea of whether she really did feel superior or if she was trying to hide her true feelings. An omniscient point of view would also give the reader insight into Maggie’s thoughts and feelings.

Being a younger sister myself I couldn’t help but wonder how Maggie felt about her sister. Mama gives the impression that Maggie feels about Dee the same way she does. With an omniscient point of view the reader would know whether or not this is true. When given more personal insight into characters I find that I feel more empathy towards them and enjoy the story more. It makes it more memorable and meaningful for me.