English: Literacy and Century Learners Essay

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English is a widely-used language that is originally used by the countries United States, Great Britain, England and many more. English is the universal language because it is widely used by many people like Asians, Europeans, Africans and many more. However, how can we use English in shaping 21st century learners? English has many purposes that can help shape 21st century learners. One is we can use English in expressing our thoughts, ideas, feelings and many more.

Because English is important, we need to use English precisely because if we don’t use our language properly it will result to different interpretations that will lead to chaos. Moreover, we need to master our skills in English in order for us to express what we know because in the future I believe that most of our professions need English as a medium for communicating. Another reason why we need to master English is today, many people are engaged into new technologies that requires new and different skills and that involves our literacy.

Literacy demands nowadays, have changed along with the changes that happen in our world. Literacy is very important to a person because a literate person possesses a wide range of abilities and competencies compared to a person who is illiterate. Another reason why we need to master English is if we are communicating to a foreigner we use English as our medium of instruction in order for us not to misinterpret each other. Another purpose of English is to bring a new world. We can attain the world we wanted by using English in uniting all the people in the world because all of us wanted the same thing which is a new world.

Another purpose is we can empower the voice of the youth with the use of English because I believe in the saying of Dr. Jose Rizal “ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan”. Furthermore, we need to empower the voice of the youth because if we don’t empower them there will be no hope for our world and no great change will happen in this world we live in right now. English is the key to success. English can make us successful by making a great change through English because I believe language has a great influence and that influence is based on our decision if we want to make our world a better or a worse place.

Another is we can be also successful in our lives through English because we use English as a medium of instruction at school and when we become successful in school there is a great chance that in the real life we become successful too. Another is if English did not existed we will not discover the technology we have now that helps in shaping up 21st century learners. Another is if English did not existed there would be no fun at all because there would be no tongue twister, poem, stories and many more. English plays an integral role in our daily lives so let’s give it up to the fullest.