Economic factors Essay

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Economic factors

Critical thinking is an individual’s form of judgment that has a particular purpose and reflective judgment. When individuals use critical thinking they reach a decision or solves an issue of judging what to believe or what to do, but reaches this conclusion in a thoughtful way. Critical thinking is a tool that individuals can use to evaluate incoming information. On the other hand, ethics is a branch of philosophy that encompasses right conduct and good life. Ethics has broader in the analyzing right and wrong than the standard conception. Ethics is a set of choices that individuals make on how to live their lives.

ARE THE PRINCIPLES AND RULES OF CRITICAL THINKING APPLICABLE TO ETHICAL REASONING? WHY? The rules and principles of critical thinking are applicable to ethical reasoning because they both follow similar guidelines. In ethical reasoning along with critical thinking the individuals will study the details of the case, identify the appropriate criteria, determine possible courses of action, and decide which action is most ethical (Ruggiero, 2012). An example from this week would include the case of the shrinking maneuver. For step one in this case, it has been shown that the statement leaves no unanswered questions. The relevant criteria found in the case shows that laws are violated with the individuals knowingly claiming residence without meeting the requirements. A possible course of action for this case they could have physically moved to Florida or to another state with no-tax or low-tax instead of pretending they moved there. Finally, the most ethical action in the case shows that the Skirkings’ actions were unethical (Ruggiero, 2012).

IF EVERYONE FOLLOWED THE RULES AND GUIDELINES OF LOGIC, WOULD THERE BE A NEED FOR ETHICAL DECISION MAKING? WHY? If everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic there would still be a need for ethical decision making. The reason is that even though the conclusion seem logical every individual has different ethics. For instance, if an individual needs a job and needs to obtain money quickly, logically it would make sense to do what would make the most money the quickest. Let us say the logical job would be stripping because the individual makes a large amount of money in a little amount of time. Another individual say that even though this is the logical was to obtain money quickly, ethically it is wrong.


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