Econ103 end term paper sample essay

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1. In your own words and in a maximum of 250 words for each concept, briefly explain the essence of each of the following emerging economic ideas. Imagine explaining them to someone who has not studied economic history. What are they really about? (20 points)

A. Perlas’ 3-Folding Concept as applied in Philippine Agenda 21 B. Caring Economics
C. Conscious Capitalism
D. Natural Capitalism
E. Sacred Economics

2. Still in your own words, accomplish the following summary table about the emerging economic ideas studied. Use easily understandable key words/phrases. You may further explain below the table if necessary (25 points):

Key Principles/Elements & Framework
Key Strategies (How the Idea will be Accomplished)
A. Perlas’ 3-Folding Concept as applied in the PhilippineAgenda 21 An action for a sustainable development where the civil society, the government and businesses help each other to reach a certain goal.

Cooperation among sectors of the society.
B. Caring Economics
Caring economics deals with giving importance to human beings and the environment as a part of the society and development.

Human rights and other rights should be implemented and punishment among those who does not care for the life of human beings and the environment. C.
Conscious Capitalism
A type of capitalism where there is no self – interest instead the conditions of others or employees and other people are not being for granted but always take in to consideration.

Employees should be given equal rights like the owners and observe right mind setting in making decisions. D. Natural Capitalism In natural economics, capitalists are being reminded to also invest in natural resources so that there will still be source of raw materials and in times of calamity, the environment would be protected.

Restrict and not allow businesses that would not agree on investing a portion of their income for reserving the environment. E. Sacred Economics
Sacred economics state that true happiness is not having a lot of money. It is explained that money is man- made and what is more important are those things created by God that can give us real happiness.

Having the mentality that above everything else, happiness is what we want and being contented with what we have is already enough. Having a lot of money will not make us very happy.

3. Always in your own words throughout the rest of your paper, compare and contrast the emerging economic ideas you’ve just explained in No. 1. What are their similarities and differences? Discuss in detail. (15 points)

3. Analyze how EACH of the emerging economic ideas fulfill (or not fulfill) the goals and criteria of development according to: I. the Catholic Church’s AUTHENTIC DEVELOPMENT concept,

II. the United Nation’s SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT, and The criteria of development according to the UN’s Sustainable Development concept, Development is the capability to improve without sacrificing or compromising what is there for the future. Development is like having freedom, there is no servitude, a person is able to do something because he/ she knows that he/ she can, there is self-confidence within himself/herself.

In addition, development is when there is respect in the society , when there is sustenance that each person can say that “I’ve had enough and I am contented”. This criteria of development is somehow like the Sacred economics, there is real happiness when people are contented and live in an environment where there is respect and freedom. III. PEACE AS DEVELOPMENT.

Discuss in detail. Use the “Lenses of Development” lecture file found in the egroup Lectures> Current Material folder (also in as well as any additional research you might want to make. (30 points)

4. Given your preceding discussion and analysis, what are your conclusions (CONCLUDING REMARKS) about these emerging economic ideas? (10 points) In my own opinion, the emerging economic ideas would be successful fully if only people especially business owners , the government are willing to cooperate by doing those. Indeed, real happiness is when you can say that I am really happy and contented of what I have. In fact, there is no need for money to be happy but all we need is love, if we have the love of the people around us, we could say that we are happy.

The emerging economic ideas are primarily concerned about the real wealth of the society, human beings and the environment. If people would only think of these two things and how will their decisions affect the human beings and the environment, probably there would be no extra expense for them especially for those who are in the government and owners of businesses because if they would only invest in protecting and preserving of the natural resources and environment, there would probably no destructions brought by calamities such as floods and landslides that destroyed their businesses.

5. Please also attach your individually accomplished 21st Century Skills updated survey form at the end of your paper. The form is found in the Assignments> Current Material folder of the egroup, the same folder where this instructions file is found.

Format: Letter-sized bond paper, double-spaced, with pagination at the upper right hand corner, 1-inch margins all around, with cover page showing contributing members’ names and individual contributions and class schedule, and References page (if you used additional researched references) in APA Style , 6th edition.