Due Dates and Instructions for Course Assignments sample essay

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JAN 12 AUTOBIOGRAPHY- You are required to post this assignment in the Autobiography section giving us some background about yourself, where you grew up, the family you grew up in, where you live, interests and hobbies, and anything else you would like us to know about you, your chosen major, your goals, etc. If you have any digital photo(s) of yourself you may feel free to attach it as well. Please include a few thoughts about why you are taking this course, what you hope to learn, and how you think you can apply it to your life. This assignment is graded on your ability to accurately present yourself to the rest of the class and how well you convey your initial thoughts about the study of sociology and this course. Please keep in mind that this assignment is worth an entire letter grade. It is worth the same amount of points as your mid-term paper! So, please put the appropriate time and thought into it. It should be a bare minimum of 350 words. It needs to be typed directly into the Discussions section (or copied and pasted) but links to documents are not allowed. Other students and I should be able to read your post without opening an attachment.

JAN 19-APR 20 WEEKLY CHAPTER QUIZZES- There will be one exam for each chapter for a total of 24 exams. Each exam will have 20 questions or less with an assigned point value for each question totaling 20 points. Due dates for each chapter quiz can be found in course syllabus and on the course calendar. There will usually be 2 chapter quizzes per week.

WEEKLY CHAPTER DISCUSSION POSTINGS- There will be a discussion posting for each chapter, 24 total. Some weeks will cover only one chapter but most will cover two chapters. Due dates for each chapter discussion posting can be found in the course syllabus and in the course calendar. Each chapter discussion posting will be worth a maximum of 5 points (3 for original post and 2 for response post). Full credit of 120 points will be awarded based on the student’s responses to instructor questions (3 or more) and responses to classmates’ postings (1 or more) for each chapter’s discussion. Your answers must reflect that you have read the corresponding chapters. In order for other students to have adequate opportunity to respond to your posts, your original posting must be posted prior to 9:00 pm on the due date. Your response posts can be posted until the close of the discussion at 11:59 pm. Original postings posted after 9:00 pm will be docked 1 pt. You will have one week to complete the discussion postings. Late postings will not be accepted.


The purpose of this assignment is to help you define and understand what constitutes a social problem. You will research a social problem that you consider important so that you can develop a sociological perspective of the issues facing the world that we live in. You can choose a problem in your local community, in the nation, or a more global issue that affects everyone. As you perform your research for this assignment please make sure that you allow enough time and sources to fully understand what you are writing about before you start. You will write critically about the problem that you select which requires a careful evaluation of the questions to be answered as they relate to the problem.

Using more than one research source will enhance your sociological perspective of the problem. This will also make you better able to look at how the problem originated and examine what can be done about it. The final question requires that you attempt to come up with solutions to the problem based on what you have learned through your research. Resources such as daily newspapers, weekly news magazines, or regularly published journals will help you to research your social problem. Be sure that you do not simply summarize an article without a critical evaluation of what was written. In your paper you will address the following questions:

1.Why is this problem considered a social problem?
2.When, how, and where did the problem begin?
3.What other social problems are related to this problem?
4.What groups are affected by the problem?
5.Who is hurt by it?
6.Who benefits (or stands to gain) from the problem?
7.How does it affect you personally?
8.What can be done and by whom, to alleviate the problem?

Your report should be clear, brief, and concise, with a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 3 pages. Use 12 point font and double space this assignment. You can list the questions and answer them individually or you may write the report in a narrative form. You are required to find and use a minimum of 2 scholarly references (a scholarly reference does NOT include newspapers, magazines, etc. A scholarly reference is bona fide research from a credible source, ie., Pub Med., published research from an accredited University, etc.) for this assignment and paper should be written in APA format. A grading rubric for this assignment is included in the assignment dropbox. The assignment should be submitted in the course assignment dropbox prior to the final due date.

APR 28 FINAL ASSIGNMENT- This assignment is designed to effectively assess what the student has learned in the course. Students will demonstrate their comprehension of course material by applying sociological concepts, terminologies, and perspectives to any type of contemporary topic or cultural dimension. The topic for this sociological perspective may come from a book, a periodical article, a television program, movie, news program, cultural event, or observation. The paper should be well thought out and the application of sociological concepts, terminologies and perspectives to the chosen topic should be accurate and well defined.

Choose a topic that allows you to apply as many sociological terms and concepts as possible. This assignment is expected to be a minimum of 3 pages with a maximum of 4 pages. Use 12 point font and double spacing for this assignment. At least one scholarly reference should be cited in order to give depth and substance to this assignment. Paper should be written in APA style. Grading will be based on your ability to clearly display in writing your understanding of the basic concepts of sociology and your ability to formulate and exhibit a societal perspective that utilizes the sociological imagination. A grading rubric for this assignment is available in the assignment dropbox. The assignment should be submitted in the course assignment dropbox prior to the final due date.