Diversity in the Workplace sample essay

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Do you think corporations and government agencies should offer diversity training? If so, how can we develop diversity training that fosters mutual respect? Can you suggest practical ways to develop workplaces undivided by gender and race-ethnicity? Yes, I believe that government agencies as well as corporations should offer some type of diversity training. Through diversity training you can ensure a health and warm and inviting workplace. Since the workplace is already filled with stereotypes on the keys to success diversity training will help with the competitiveness that always thrives inside the work place.

It will help teach the employees how to get along, work cooperate, get along, and work in sync with different age groups, the opposite sex, and ethnicities. “Diversity training has the potential to build bridges (Henslin, 2013). ” The function behind offering diversity training is to help foster community. A healthy well managed work environment that will foster and increase the work output. It’s to help educate the employees on how to develop connections to people of various ages and backgrounds. Another key function is how to draw upon your co-workers aspect and work ethics to smooth out business production through shared unity.

Though even with good intentions conflicts can exists. Some manager whose been told he has to take a course of diversity training may feel as though it’s a punishment. They may feel like in their job they have wronged someone and they are being reprimanded; thus they have to take diversity training. What you need to be aware of in diversity training is not to encourage or develop stereo types. The intention of diversity training is to encourage and develop understanding and unity in the work place.

Role reversal and having participant make derogatory comments to the other my inflict scars and demote rather than promote understanding. So stay clear of antagonistic role play (Smart, 1997). Instead of role play do course match up. Match up employees from various levels in their career, age, sex, and ethnicity into groups. These groups should be assigned a unified task to complete during the diversity training. Have them get to know one another likes and dislikes and so forth. Assign them common tasks to complete jointly that exist within the corporation (Skills, 1968).

Let them assign key task amongst each other that play upon each person strengths. Have them present their project at the end of the training session before the rest of the groups (Skills, 1968). Judge them by their ability to play upon the other’s strengths and the completeness of their projects. At the end of the diversity training session have them do peer assessment’s on one another. The symbolic aspect of this is they have meet new people they normally do not work with in their department. They work with new people from various skill levels.

It fosters development in understanding of various backgrounds and ethnicity. It encourages unity and mutual respect for peers. Everything that you are trying to aide and foster through the diversity training can be reached by group project assignments. ? Bibliography Henslin, J. M. (2013). Essencial to Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach tenth edition. Pearson. Skills. (1968). International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences. Volume 6, pp. 296-302. Smart, W. (1997, September 1). Businessmanagementdaily. com. Retrieved August 11, 2013, from Business Management Daily: www. businessmanagementdaily. com