Discussion Questions Essay

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Discussion Questions

• In the video this week, Bill Goodykoontz discusses watching movies as a group in a theater versus watching alone, on computers, or in your home. Explain how the availability of movies has evolved over the last century. Which experience do you prefer and why? You can rent and own movies almost anywhere now, from your phone, computer and TV. I remember when going to the theater was the only way to see a movie, now you can get it right off your computer. We enjoy watching movies directly off from our Netflix account on playstation, its beats paying late fees going to blockbusters and they’re unlimited for a nice fee.

• In the Week Two Learnscape, you craft an introductory paragraph for Sen. Johnson for a speech he is giving on the impact of the Internet on politics. After scanning the sites you’ve been given, how comfortable are you with the credibility of the information you found on the Internet? What, if anything, makes you uncomfortable about the credibility of these sources? If you think the information is credible, explain why. Im not comfortable with credibility of the information found on the internet since I don’t know what I’m really suppose to be looking for.

• In this week’s video, Bill Goodykoontz discusses the value of critics in popular culture. Do you find value in criticism or do you prefer to experience movies, music, etc., without outside feedback? Explain your answers. Personally, experience movies, music, etc without outside feedback is what I prefer. It makes it harder to view someone else art when you read other criticism because than you expect that predicition

• In this week’s video, Bill Goodykoontz discusses having to stay true to your own reactions and experiences when evaluating art. Why is this so difficult to do? What do you think influences us most? Do you try to shape others’ opinions when sharing your thoughts about music and movies? It’s so difficult to stay true to your own reactions about art since there’s so many media and critics in the world. There’s other that try to point out the negative in everything which gets you to start thinking about it. Media has a great impact on what we believe in this world, and shape what we think of certain things. I’ll give my own opinion about music and movies, but I let them view it themselves before really giving my thoughts.

• Over the last century, do you think music has changed from being about artistic expression to being more about money and business? Is it even possible for a band or artist to make topical or political commentary in a song today while focusing on turning a profit? Yes, music this century hasn’t been artistic and seem more about the money. Music these days seem more alike with the same rhythm, beat, lyrics and etc. Though you can find a few music artist who have their own taste and don’t care about the money and business. I’ve heard that some artist and bands put political commentary in a song, but I hadn’t been able to capture them.

• Feedback Question: How are your time management strategies working for you? Which strategies have been most effective? What time management challenges remain? What be done about those? Time management is still a tiny struggle, but I’m getting the hang of juggling work, school and my family. It’s just getting back in the schedule of doing work and getting the strength to get it finish.

• Feedback Question: How are your reading strategies working for you? Is reading the content of this course same or different from reading content in other courses? Is it easier or harder? Any suggestions for how to make reading this sort of content more effective for yourself? Reading strategies for this class has been a little difficult than my other classes. Their more material to absorb, therefore I need to make more time for it which I plan on doing. Also, I plan on taking notes as I go than review that same day, that way the material will be able to sink in a little more.