Cross-Cultural Realities at Work Essay

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For my cross-cultural assignment I interviewed Wally who is from The Ivory Coast located in West Africa. Wally moved to America when he was 14 years old. He is a soccer coach at the Roswell Rd Recreational Center at the current age of 18, which he has been doing for 2 years now. The typical work day as Wally described is like a party because he is constantly around kids who are full of energy. I asked Wally what encouraged him to do this line of work and his reasons were for the love that he has in soccer which is a big sport in Africa and for the cash that he makes in which he uses for himself and to help support his family. To be a coach you must know the sport in which you are coaching, how to use your players in their best abilities to make the team flow, and how to actually play the sport. Wally likes being a soccer coach because he loves the sport and likes teaching the sport to young players to better their skills. Even though he loves being a soccer coach there are still problems that he must deal with.

Some consist of kids being violent and fighting and not playing together as a team but that’s what you get when you are dealing with a younger group of kids. Also the parents can be a pain as well because when their kid does not get in the game they feel as if their child is not getting the attention that they deserve. As Wally explained to me he rotates all players every game to give every kid a chance to get out there and have fun but when the game is close he puts the better players in to have a better chance of winning and also said when the game is out of reach kids get rotated more often. Overall Wally says that the people treat him good they love him being the soccer coach and feel that he does great with the kids.

Since Wally was already active in soccer in The Ivory Coast the job he has now is like 2nd nature. Since Wally has been working at the rec. center he feels like he has the opportunity to succeed and maybe go to college and have an even better paying job in the next 5 to 10 years. Some of his cultural values are family and to never forget where you come from because you never know when you may have to go back. What Wally likes best about the American culture is the style in which we dress, the many opportunities that we have to succeed and better ourselves, and the chances that we have to turn pro in professional sports. What he likes least about America is the food. He say that the food is much better where he is from.

After interviewing Wally I learned his love for soccer and which him being from West Africa and only 18 he really enjoys what he does and has adapt to the American culture very well. In order to do what Wally does you must first of all like working with kids, love the sport that you coach, have patients with people and know how to bring a group of people together encourage them to work as one and do their best in a collective matter. Some similarities I seen in Wally that I see in myself were his values. We both put family first and are serious about bettering ourselves to a better road of success.

Never forgetting where you come from was a big value that he expressed because I feel that is what keeps the ambition strong knowing that you deserve better and to make a success out of yourself so if you were to go back it wouldn’t be for the same reasons but to look back at what it once was and to help less fortunate than you. This interview made me realize that despite our cultural differences we are all really similar if not in all ways at least some and we should think about the other person’s views before we shoot them down because of where they are from but not for who they are.