Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making Essay

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11 June

Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making

Answer the following: How do you use the principles of critical thinking in making sexual decisions? Give an example from your own life in which you would use critical thinking to make a decision about sex. Answer with a minimum word count of 200 words.

When anticipating what principles of critical thinking in sexual decisions I use it depends on the situation. I need to take into consideration if I am single or in a relationship, also how long I been single or in a relationship for. These things are key factors in how my sexual decision critical thinking is affected. I will use past experiences of when I was single and how I acted are reacted to sexual encounters that that were affected because of my decisions that I made. I have never been the type of person that was going to wait till marriage for sex. My shyness though made it hard for me to experience my first sexual experience. This was due to the decisions I made I was scared of the subject, but acted as if I was not. When I first experienced sex my whole perspective changed, and this altered my decision making for the worse. I was the type of guy before sex that was still caution and always had a condom for protection, just in case it was needed. I did not date much so after the first encounter it was more of something that would happen on occasion.

Mt decision making was poorly and my judgments were clouded for the worse. I had no self-respect for myself or the girls I just wanted to get me some. This in return lead me to many problems because I was careless with who I was having sex with protected and unprotected I had no respect for anyone. When I was single and in that time of my life I was experimenting and learning. When I became in a relationship for a short time it made me develop little self-control and respect for myself. Being in a short term relationship though it did not change the fact that I was a human, and in my mind it is human behavior be dominant. This meant that I did not care about occasionally having a affair with the girl that I was with. I felt it was all right because it was in the human nature. Unfortunately that type of attitude stabbed me in my back and my actions got back to me. The girl cheated on me back and I felt ashamed and hurt that she would do that to me. This helped me realize that I was in the wrong and altered my decision making. I am in the present now, and I am in a long term relationship where my critical thinking in sexual decisions plays a huge role in us staying together.

I could be the immature person I was years ago when first introduced to sex, but that would lead me nowhere. A long tern relationship revolves around trust and cheating and being dishonest breaks that trust, and you are left with nothing. I can say the relationship I am in today is all because of my past experiences and learning from my mistakes in the past. I have a daughter now at the age of 22, so I know how important it is to have safe sex. I am responsible now, and do not need another child not till later in life. I have learned that everyone has feelings and cheating is not being dominant, but hurting yourself and the one you are doing it to. The greatest thing I have learned is it is not always what you want, and sometimes you need to change your mood to make your partner happy. After all it is a relationship that means it involves keeping you are your partner happy.