Crime and Legal System Essay

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In the broad field of criminal justice, one particular issue critically relevant in the concern of crime prevention and social control is juvenile delinquency due mainly to the fact that its target population are the minors in the society. The concept of juvenile delinquency generally encompassed numerous concerns namely the crimes involving minor offenders, the court system to address these cases, the punishment approach for the young individual, and others relevant in achieving an effective approach for achieving the ideal justice for these young offenders.

In this pursuit, incorporating sociological concepts can indeed promote development in the effectiveness of the criminal justice system for cases of juvenile delinquency. In analyzing the criminal justice system for minor offenders, it is critically important to consider several factors directly related to the effective achievement of its function. Among these factors are the effect of the punishment to the minor offender, beneficial alternatives for the criminal punishment, motivational strategies of behavioral development, influence of personality background, and others.

Incorporating the sociological perspective in this concern, the said field explains that the family structure, environment, and culture are influential factors to the individual’s personality and behavioral development as such, should be considered in determining the appropriate action for cases of juvenile delinquency. Indeed, incorporating this approach will reveal a more appropriate, effectively altercating, and motivational action towards addressing the personal problems of the young offenders resulting to their juvenile delinquency.

Indeed, sociological, the youth period in the timeline of each individual is a critical condition wherein the person encounter personality confusion and identity struggle. During this period, the erratic behavioral changes in the person can result to aggressive actions and decisions and if influenced by negative factors can result to juvenile delinquency. As such, approaching the view through a sociological perspective, it is more advantageous to tackle the problem by helping the offender cope up with his or her personal changes and struggle and guide the person to the proper way.

Indeed, developing the punishment system in this approach can result to an effective juvenile justice system that promote healthy development through guiding the misdemeanor of the minor offenders towards fruitful growth and development for their benefit. In this approach, the issue of juvenile delinquency will be addressed by minimizing the problem and taking this approach as a mean of helping the youth through the growth.