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For this assignment I have selected three poems to analyze the relationship between language and content in poetry. I want toattempt toanalyze the writting styles of three authors, whose work can be found from the book, The Art of Work. The three poems that I have selected are Share Croppers written by Langston Hughes, Factory Worker, written by Jim Daniels, and The Rope, written by Patricia Dobler. These are three poems that caught my eye and I became very interested in.

The first poem I read for this assignment was Share-Croppers. This paticular poem seemed to have been written from the viewpoint of a slave who is captioning the hard work that had to be done as a sharecropper. Although this was a very short poem the expression by this author said a lot to capture any reader’s attention. For example the author gives you a picture as to how the sharecropper was left hungry and ragged afterr plowing away in fields.

By reading this poem you are able to identify that Langston Hughes was very concerned about African American life through the use of certain dialect and terms. As you continue to read this poem over and over you are able to come to a conclusion that the era in which this poem was written goes back to a time after emancipation, when many blacks were forced to work as share croppers not being paid a dime,and where under the authority of white farm tenants.

In this poem one starts to get a feelof what it was like to be a black share cropper unable to show any remores because this was a daily routine that took a toll over ever sharecroppers’s daily life.

My next poem “Factory Jungle” seems to have been written from the viewpoint of a factory worker who is trying to enlighten the fact of being a determined ambitious worker, but also as one who is ready to end a long day at work. Just like many other authors. The author Jim Daniels has written a poem that uses many metaphors to paint a picture of a factory that gives off the idea of being a jungle. For example the author say, “I’d like to climb one of those ropes of light swing around the presses, welders etc.

The language used by this author shows us a picture of a factory swinging freely amongst his work not having a care what so ever. These paticular terms of language enables us to get a physical picture of exactly what the factory worker is doing in the factory to change it into a jungle. Everyone understand that there is no way you are able to climb rope of light or even fly out of factory gates. This only catches the reader’s attention just the poem sharecroppers did.

Keeping the same theme and indentifying the factroy as being a jungle, the author also uses a made elephant to represent the largest presses in the plant and allows us to paint another picture showing us the harm that this big machine could cause if fallen on your hand. In this part of the poem we find that the mad elephant allows us to think about how heavy and dangerous things could be when working around heavy machinery in this paticular factory.

The author is being very creative throughout this poem, careful not to bore the reader. Jim Daniels used the correlation of swinging through the plant, then rippping off his coveralls, safety glasses, and ear plugs then pounding his chest and yelling like Tarzan. This again gives us that feeling showing us that this factory worker is feeling very free. Yet and still another picture has beenpainted for us.

In my final poem that I have selected, I became silightly thrown off as to what this poem was trying to generate to the reader. Unlike the other two poems I used, this poem hardly used any language and dialect to allow the reader’s attention to be caught at once. As I read over this poem I figured that the viewpoint of this poem had to be written by a man who was dwelling on things that he could not make of life for him or a loved one and those things were haunting him.

I came to this conclusion because the author says, “Their vocies still wake me as I woke for years with a rise and fall.” The author is not specific as to what she wants or doesn’t want us to know. This poem does not paint a picture for me letting me feel and realize what exactly is going on.

So by reading these three amazing poem we find many authors use some of the same styles, literary techniques and genres to help relate to readers. While other authors may leave you slightly wondering, and can often open your mind to wonder which can be a very positive matter. I personally relate better to readings that paint a picture allowing me to be side by side to what the author has written. Also while reading I’ve found that not all poetic techniques were used but all three authors used something to help you understand the readings.