Cognitive and Physical Changes in Early Adolescennce sample essay

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I grew up without my parents as a child from a third world country where not only health conditions but economic conditions, educational and social welfare of life in general is less favorable and adverse to some extent. My aunt raised me up when she stepped in to take the role of my mother from childhood upwards. She has been an adult critical care nurse many years and took me to work with her on several occasions. Along side my aunt who often tells me horrible stories she had experienced, I also had the opportunity to meet and became acquainted with some of her friends who were very affectionate. I also physically witnessed how challenging and physically demanding a career in nursing can be. With this in mind it became apparent for me to understand how some of these horrible stories impacted my feelings towards nursing psychologically and for a child growing up hearing these horrible stories and witnessing some of these activities myself, they became embedded and developed within me so much that I started having these sad feelings for such patients.

Personally for me, hearing some of these stories like working with a psychiatric patient who often tells her she knows me somewhere, knowing fully well that she was in an institution for attempting suicide, avoiding a full urinal thrown by an out of control patient, dealing with delusional patient with dementia and having to change an incontinent patient with severe sacral decubitus, were all too scary and enough for me from ever thinking about pursuing a career as a nurse. On the other hand my got feeling was driving me towards the human effect.

It became obvious to me that psychological theories and practices started to impact my affection for the ill thought about these patients whenever I go to bed at night. When I see a patient diagnosed with disease or injury, I want to help that patient live a long and peaceful life and this comes from the bottom of my heart.

I was not just sympathetic but developed a feeling of compassion, empathy towards them and wanted to help, give them courage and tell them everything will be alright, because that’s what they needed. Raising their hopes to let them know that we are all sick and it could happen to anyone of us at any given time. Uplift them so them emotionally so they feel good and not left out. That was all it took me to make a decision that led me to pursue a career in the health care industry as an LNP nurse.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for 8 years as a nurse, my experience led me to realize the importance of psychology in the nursing field and my life as well. Both psychology and nursing seem to be in very separate fields, but they are very closely tied together and in most cased work hand in hand. As psychology deals with the study of mental process and human behavior in general, the nurse must have a thorough background in psychology in order to be able to address those problems. Mental illness is a mind bugling disease that makes it difficult for an individual to function properly in a normal and productive way. Therefore, in addition to a nurse’s biological knowledge, the nurse must also recognize when the patient is depressed, afraid or confused so that necessary steps to deal with such emotions are in place. And in so doing should try not to aggravate the patient’s condition. A knowledge of psychology gives the nurse a deep understanding on the general aspects of life making the nurse to be concerned about moral aspects, reality and capable of helping others.

Psychology addressed every aspect of human activities and their environment. The mere definitions of both psychology and nursing tell us that, nursing is a psychological profession as it also involves every aspects of human activities and their environment and such nurses are the psychiatric mental health nurses which is a specialty in the nursing field. Nurses in general are involved in the general well being of a patient including managing their medication intake, educating the patient about the effect of the medication, direct care in being supportive to the patient’s needs, involves in therapy and interacts with other healthcare professionals such as doctors, technicians, fellow nurses and even patients family members to express the feelings of the ill and ways to overcome or combat any distressful feels accompanying the illness.

In doing so the nurse should be calm and comforting when in action especially to newly diagnosed patients with sever illness. I have worked in the emergency room and at some point also worked on the ambulance. I always get exited and ready to jump in when calls come in so we can get in action to help get to the patients. Nurses do diagnose also when required in order to be able to differentiate between the patient’s normal and abnormal conditions and they do so independently. The work of a psychologist and a nurse is to understand the biological and emotional needs of the ill and most often nurses provide that basic care.

A nurse could tell what is right for the patient by being very close to that patient and help the patient adapt individually to whatever kind of stress he or she experiences. The nursing profession is vast and has a variety of branches within which they work they work in different roles. From a purely medical point of view, nurses do rely on their perception and their own sensation to be able to judge the patient’s condition which includes that patient’s condition as well. Therefore, a basic understanding of emotional responses and motivation, perception and sensation, learning and memory are the necessary element in diagnosing and helping patients to attain a healthy situation.

Over the course of my in the healthcare industry, Gradually learning new skills and knowledge has been a major accomplishment on my career as a nurse. This also involves the modification of existing knowledge that conflicts with different types of information and I can be very proud of my steady progress over the course of my mistakes. I was always willing to challenge and to learn on the most complicated medical equipment brought forth for use by any medical technician that serves very useful to my career. Especially computerized equipments that help facilitate the range of this new technology now available to us in order to collaborate and communicate and this learning process is driving me into wanting to go further and further to pursue my RN nursing program.

As a new employee, I have also witnessed and learned how friends and relatives are informed about the death or loss of a loved one which sometimes devastate most people in a shocking manner and can not handle such news. In such a case I observed the experienced nurse informing the relative about the death and noticed the manner in which the information is being given by the experience nurse. I also learned through illness due to bodily activities like being sick or throwing up after eating a specific type of food or after performing vigorous exercises or dancing and not knowing the cause of the illness. The guess would be an infection from the food eaten or the environment from inhaling unpleasant odor or drinking too much..

If I happened to realize someone with the same symptoms, and from a cognitive perspective view, the person developed fever or does not understand the symptoms given the environment, a computer would be utilized to rule out and determine in a logical manner, certain possibilities causing the illness and narrowing the cause.

Team work has been one of my favorite part in my nursing career and has made me a far better person than I originally thought when I initially started in my earlier day as a new employee. Our practice of team work has truly helped not only our unit, but to the entire facility and the patients as wall. When we function as a unit and team up in performing our job related tasks, the job itself becomes much easier and efficient. This team work enhances the overall care of our patients. May times I was involved in multi-task assignment as a nurse and every nurse or technician works together to meet the needs of our patients. Our goal is to improve the outcome of the patients. On a daily basis the relationship between the physician and the nurse is completely essential.

The nurse is responsible for carrying orders from the physician and that nurse might need some help in performing her assignment, in which case a fellow nurse or technician will be available upon request. Effective communication is needed among members working together in order immediately respond to any sudden changes to the patients conditions.