Co-education Female sample essay

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The debatable issue on Co-education is continually progressing through the State and convincing parents and teachers that sex-separation will reveal a sign of improvement in student’s lives. In the United States, teamwork is a massive aspect in people’s lives where both girls and boys work together in order to achieve their goal , however, both articles provide informative proves that co-education could result in failure because of the different stereotypes in society. The debate mainly focuses on the separation of both sexes in school since “there is no extra cost. The debate also catches the reader’s attention by the different research that many scientists did in order to prove a fair result that will satisfy the parents and teachers.

The separation of sexes in school could result in improvement of education and behavior with boys and girls. Based on Jennifer Medina’s article, teachers will face less problems if both sexes are separated since the boys will tend to focus more on learning than on girls, in addition, girls will tend to feel more comfortable participating in class. Co-education will also result in good teamwork especially in the outside community because both girls and boys will learn to communicate.

However, from the boy’s point of view, they will tend to be more comfortable in expressing themselves and learn about “being a man” in their own bodies. In addition to those articles, the media will affect the parents and the teachers around the state because of highly known and educative people in society. For example, Leonard Sax who is a best seller author of Why Gender Matters and Michael Sax argues about single sex with a huge audience in order to prove their facts about the separation and the importance of it.

In contrast, both sex educations could also result in improvement around the state and in schools because boys and girls will learn to communicate together and work hard as one community. In addition, many authors and scientist were seeking for evidence in order to prove that Co-education could be for the good of their community. For example, a research on Bronx’s Eagle school stated that both sexes’ classes tend to have higher test scores around the state and tend to receive high percentages in their community. Both sexes will also learn and appreciate that both sexes are important in everyone’s lives since they communicate and work together outside of the learning community. Researchers also proved that working together as both sexes will also result a sign improvement in teamwork because many girls tend to be left out in single-sex schools in teamwork projects.

Comparatively, Co-Education and single education also have their problems in society because of their lack of certain teachings in schools. For example , a study showed that girls tend to be smarter than boys and tend to solve math and science faster and more accurate since there are different brains and each person have a different sign of knowledge and personality. However, since girls are smarter, they tend to ask for more detailed teachings and writing scripts since they will have more things to explain in their writing assignment.

When in contrast, boys have to write about a simple sport or a job they seek for in order to prepare them for the future. Although, teachers who support single education tend to have other opinions toward their ways of teaching. For example, Mr. Napolitano claims that he is more comfortable in expressing his feelings and thoughts while teaching to single sex classrooms because the boys will tend to have the same situation. In addition he also shows a book called Patrol Boy in order to show boys that having a tattoo is not a material they should use in co-ed class.

In conclusion, this debate tends to prove that single education will show more improvements since the media tend to support it and also the teachers. The reasons that parents should choose single education is because they will improve economically and also their students will face less behavior problems and more school focused. However, co-ed schools tend to have higher scores and will teach the students to work together in order to improve their speech especially outside in society since they will be working together as one team. Both articles prove that both educations will result in bonding together as students and as teachers in this society because at the end of this debate both classrooms will be teaching and learning in the states.