Choosing Freedom Over Limitation Essay

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Each and everyday, what I can watch from the news reports nowadays are all about crime, crime and all crime. Our society is already filled with human being’s dark sides and that is what is continuously being unleashed. What I wanted to say is that we need to have effective ways to help our world to leave its bad ways. The role of the government in the society is to enforce what is right and limit the wrong doings. But as what I can observe, the more the government limits its people, the more the people do terrible things.

An example of that I have read that shows this example is the Martial Law brought down onto the Philippines in the early 1970s. Yes, at the beginning, the people follows the government because of the forced limitation but after years had passed, people revolted because they cannot take any longer what the government is doing to the people. It is not always that forced limitation becomes effective to ruling people everytime. There will be a point in time, when someone limits another person and doesn’t give him his freedom it will show its annoyance about that because what was taken away from him is his freedom.

We must let the people do what they wanted to do. But we can let them as long as they don’t do anything that will go against the rules. It is like when you are holding a handful of sand. When you just hold it with your palm up, nothing happens. But at the time when you squeeze your palms against the sand, the sand breaks off your hand, violently, like it’s trying to get away. And also just what Saint Augustine has said, evil only exists on something good. There is not really an opposing force to everything good done of every people. So we must leave the responsibility of being good to the people and limitation might do just less.

Although we know that there is a big and bad possibility that we choose freedom rather than limitation for people, that people will just abuse it, it is still the people’s responsibility of what they are doing. When they do bad things, then, punish them. It doesn’t mean that when there is freedom, it’s only freedom ruling over the people. Of course there must be someone or some group that looks over people’s safety because what will be the use of freedom if all the people are just killing each other or stealing things? But of course it is also up to the people what they wanted and what they think that is better for them.

Freedom or limitation? That is why there different forms of government all over different countries in the world. Some countries prefer a democratic form of government because they wanted freedom of speech. Others wanted communism because they feel safer through the government’s protection. And there are many other forms of government that people together take as a choice. The government has the full responsibility of its own peoples’ sake. It must provide them enough protection that can ensure that the people will not be harmed and perhaps will not harm. That is why, law enforcement was developed.

It is being continuously improved to watch out everything regarding the society’s peace and order. And also, this provides an invisible shield that also helps protect without taking away freedom. A very powerful tool that human kind created that manages civilizations. The question that I have answered is that whether or not I think freedom is better than forced limitation. For me, the question should not be limited in the choice between freedom and limitation. Yes, we can choose freedom, and also, we can choose limitation. But we must remember that anytime the two can exist together at the same time, just with the right amount of both things.