Case Study on Organizational Behavior sample essay

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How will Tony Stark deal and cope with the new environment in the Reece Company? Solution: In my own opinion, since Tony is new in the company, feeling of indifference and resentment from other co-workers is inevitable. He already accepted Reece’s offer, so there’s no turning back now. Second thoughts won’t really help him with his situation. There really is a big difference with O’Grady’s and Reece’s working environment. He probably got so used to the previous company that’s why he’s having issues with the new one he’s in. There are no companies are extremely alike. What he has to do now is accept whatever is happening and exude effort in trying to make things better. He should continue interacting and reaching out to his colleagues. He should also learn to adapt to his new environment by finding out what kind of processes and procedures that the company carries out, do some background researches on what Reece has been accomplishing these past few years, etc. By doing such, the indifference he’s been feeling will hopefully diminish and he’ll be able to cope and adapt well.

Case Questions:

1. Identify several concepts and characteristics from the field of organizational behavior that this case illustrates. 2. What advice can you give Tony? How would this advice be supported or tempered by behavioral concepts and processes? 3. Is it possible to find an ideal workplace?


1. Several concepts and characteristics from organizational behavior were illustrated in the context of this case. First, let me start with the O’Grady Company. Their technical, human, and conceptual skills seem to collide on very good terms. But their valuable human skill is the one most profound and evident in the work environment. The leadership style manifested here is positive leadership. This approach is focused on “rewards-economic”. This can be seen when it was stated in the text that Tony received three promotions and many pay increases while in the company. Now, let’s proceed to Power Styles. In here, the authorities of the leaders can be classified as “participative leaders”. They decentralize authority. They are not unilateral, and arise from consultation with followers’ participation by them. They inform their employees about conditions affecting their jobs and they are very much encouraged to express their ideas and make suggestions. On the aspect of Leadership styles, O’Grady is practicing “Participative Leadership”. The management welcomes employees’ Inputs in decision-making and gives their suggestions great attention in making final decisions. On the other hand, Reece is practicing something very different from O’Grady.

First, their human skills seem to be lacking. But their technical and conceptual skills are in good terms. When it comes to Power Styles, Autocratic leaders are very evident in this company. The power is centralized and decision making is up to the top management. They take full responsibility and authority over the company. This is evident when it was mentioned in the case that Reece was structured much more bureaucratically. No one was allowed to make any sort of decision without getting three signatures from higher up, and these signatures were very hard to get. On Leadership Styles, the company is manifesting “Directive Leadership”. Leaders focus on clear task assignments, standards of successful performance and work schedules.

2. Since Tony came from a company very different to the one he’s now in, he should learn to cope and adapt to his new environment. He should make an effort to learn how things are run in the new company in order to become familiarized and will be able to manage himself well. Also, he needs to network with others within the company. This may allow him to assist in areas of the company which and enabling him to earn recognition from your colleagues and other managerial figures. This will make your positive contributions to the company more apparent, and may cause people to question your supervisor if he fails to discuss your work in a positive light. Although this may be a difficult task to accomplish because of the behavior that his colleagues are exhibiting towards him.

They seem to be indifferent and very apathetic. This may pose a challenge to Tony as to how he’ll be able to make this kind of environment work for him. Adapting and easing in to the company may take awhile due to such circumstances. 3. I wouldn’t really say that a person can find a very ideal workplace, but one can make the place you work ideal through risk and reward strategies

, as well as figuring out how to apply your skills and passions to the field that you’re in. It’s the whole “love the one you’re with” scenario. But it is definitely possible.

Also, if the workplace isn’t working out for you, don’t go rushing out the door. You shouldn’t expect to find everything that you are looking in a work place. There’s no such thing as a perfect company. There will always be something that will come up and make things uneasy or uncomfortable for you. Therefore, be the change that you are looking for. Make these anxieties and worries as an opportunity for one’s self improvement and development. In conclusion, there is a possibility to find something close to an ideal work place, but it is up to you to if you can make the disadvantages turn into advantages.


In conclusion to all what’s been said and done, it is up to Tony Stark to make all of the inconveniences and disadvantages he’s been experiencing in the new company work for him. It’s all about adapting, coping, and being the change himself. He must consider this as a challenge for him to overcome. Running away should not be an option. Indifferent or apathetic colleagues can make your working life difficult or ineffective. These people may routinely fail to notice your accomplishments, or may quickly undermine your work without much hesitation. Although this can seriously disrupt your professional output, it’s possible to minimize the effect which your co-worker’s behavior will have on your career by deciding to emotionally detach from the situation and seek positive support from others within the company. It’s very ideal to stay calm.

Although it will be tempting to argue with your supervisor, you should avoid this impulse; you need to remain professional and polite in order to prevent the situation from damaging your reputation. This will also make you appear more reasonable and focused in the event that problems do occur later on. It is also advisable to maintain positivity. Although you may have a professional problem with your negative work environment, it’s important not to take the issue personally. If you remain on friendly terms, the issue may naturally resolve itself over time as the quality of communication between you and your colleagues improves. A positive attitude will also assist you in understanding if your own behavior can be improved to successfully motivate other people into action.