Case Study Analysis of an employee sample essay

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This case study for student analysis will look at an employee of ABC, Inc., Carl Robins, the new recruiter of only six months and his struggle to hold orientation for fifteen new hires. There are various factors that play a part of why Carl struggles to meet the promised deadline that is fast approaching. This analysis will focus on time management, job performance, and company organizational issues that are key problems with how Carl is performing his job, but will also look at how ABC, Inc. management team play is playing a part in Carl’s struggle to meet his deadline. This analysis will show alternative solutions, a proposed solution, and a recommendation that will prevent future struggles for Carl and all other employees at ABC, Incorporated. Carl Robins is the new recruiter for ABC, Inc. Carl has been in his new position for six months now. In the six month timeframe, Carl has successfully hired fifteen new trainees. Now that the trainees are hired, Carl’s next objective is to hold an orientation on June 15th at one time for all fifteen new hires.

The orientation date is to ensure Carl will have all the new hires ready to start working by July for the Operations Manager, Monica Carrolls. On May 15th Carl is contacted by Monica Carrolls to discuss with Carl everything needed for the new hires to begin orientation; the training schedule, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug test, and other things. Two weeks later, Carl decides to go over the trainee files and realizes some trainees’ paperwork are incomplete and missing. All of the new hires still need to take a mandatory drug screen test. During this time, Carl becomes aware that he does not have enough copies of the orientation manuals and on top of that, there is not one complete orientation manual to make copies. Lastly, Carl checks out the training room he book earlier in the month and finds Joe, from technology services, is setting up computer terminals for training seminars for the entire month of June. Carl will need to find a new place to hold orientation. Carl is panicking and does not know how to proceed at this point. (University of Phoenix, 2014)

There are numerous key problems to focus on with Carl as well as with ABC, Inc. Starting with Carl, some of the key problems Carl is having includes his apparent lack of time management. Carl is also having organizational and communication issues. Carl insufficient knowledge of how to apply these skills are playing a huge factor in Carl’s struggle to be prepared and ready for orientations on June 15th. Carl also appears to have insufficient knowledge about his position and what his responsibilities requires of him daily to meet his scheduled orientation and promised deadline to have all the new hires working by July. Looking at Carl’s timeline, he hires the new trainees in the beginning of April. Carl knows he has a little over two months before orientation is scheduled will be held for the new hires.

On May 15th Carl receives a call from Monica, the Operations Manager, to go over the needs for orientation to be successful. It appears that Carl does nothing for over a month in regards to checking on the status of each new hire. What is Carl doing in this timeframe needs to be investigated. Carl waits until two weeks before the scheduled orientation to finally check on the trainees’ files. It seems there is no communication between Carl and Human Resources at all. Carl should be in contact with Human Recourses about the status of each new hires paperwork and on a consistent basis. It would appear that Carl is not doing his job efficiently. ABC, Inc. has some underlying key problems that have contribute a great deal to Carl’s struggle to meet the scheduled orientation date. ABC, Inc. has failed to support Carl in his new position.

There is a lack of supervision to help guide Carl. ABC, Inc. also shows there is an apparent breakdown in communication between its employees. Human Resources must not now about the orientation date for the new hires and therefore seems to be taking their time in getting all the paperwork in for each new hire. Another communication breakdown is the situation about Joe and Carl both being able to book the training room to use on June 15th. There are many alternative solutions for Carl to successfully meet his orientation deadline of June 15th and have the new trainees ready to start work for the Operations Manager by July. Carl should contact Monica Carrolls, the Operations Manager, and find out if there is anyone in the company who would be able to help assist him with getting everything in order for orientation. If there is no one in the company available to help Carl at this time, then Carl needs to find out if he has the authority to hire an outside source, if he does not, then who does? Time is of the essence to have everything competed for orientation.

This person will help assist Carl in completing the following tasks; contacting each new hire to schedule a drug test, make sure all necessary documents are completed, turned in, find someone in the company who has a complete orientation manual, make copies, and find a new place to have orientation. Carl is new and this his 1st recruitment orientation, he should be held responsible to check in with the Operations Manager or whoever is Carl’s Manager and give them a daily report of what he has accomplished each day and what is left to still be accomplished to meet the orientation date. All of these solutions are a Band-Aid and will aid in Carl successfully holding orientation. However, they are not solutions for the root of the problems facing ABC, Inc. Even though the struggle focuses on Carl Robins and his inability to do his job correctly, the proposed solution is directed towards ABC, Incorporated Management Team. The Management Team should be held responsible. Carl Robins is new to the company. It is apparent that Carl’s lack of experience and work history is not matched up properly for the position of recruiter. Carl clearly does not understand what it takes for him to hold successfully orientation on June 15th.

Carl is going blindly about his job responsibilities without a clear understanding of time restraints for each task he needs to perform. There should be supervision over Carl on a daily basis due to this being his 1st recruitment orientation assignment. ABC, Inc. Management Team should put into place a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each position in the company. Clearly outlining each position and it responsibilities as well as including a flow chart showing who each position reports to. At this time, it is recommended that ABC, Inc. have each and every employee attend a several work seminars. It would be best for the company to start with a seminar that will focus on learning how to communicate well with each other inside the company, how to speak up about company problems and ask for help, and learn how to work together as a team unit.

A time management seminar is highly suggested and would be of great help to the company as well. Each employee should learn time management skills, how to manage their time, their workflow, and how to prioritize their job responsibilities. Another recommendation, department mangers take a seminar about being team leaders. They need to understand what exactly their employees are doing in their daily routines. Department managers are strongly encouraged to meet with each employee and have a one on one meeting. The meeting should target each manager finding out how the employee feels about their position, what they feel the pros and cons are for their position, and if the employee have any struggles in their position that need attention.

These seminars and personal one on one attention with the employees will give tools for each employee to use in becoming successful in their positions and the company as a whole. It will also boost employee morale and would be a great gesture on the company’s behalf to show the employees that the company values them, is willing to investing time in each one of them, and you care about them. In return, the company should see significant improvement in time management and communication.

Case Study for Student Analysis, University of Phoenix, 2014