Career Competence Factors Worksheet sample essay

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he essential skills and abilities associated with students’ personal learning styles are many of the capabilities hiring managers look for when reviewing applications. University of Phoenix learning goals represent another set of core competencies that can help you become recognized as an exceptional candidate or employee.

Part A

Complete the Personality Spectrum on pp. 66–67 in Ch. 3 of Keys to Success. Based on the results, respond to the following:

What is your primary strength? Organizer
How does this strength make you a strong candidate or employee? This strength makes me a strong candidates/employment, based on my ability to make decisions, participation on special projects, my flexibility to transition between tasks and learn new duties, my ability to learn new skills, working well with others in a team environment, promote the ideas to teammates in the best interests of the employer, have excellence communication skills to convey messages to others through verbal and written communication, includes ability to listen and relate to others, dependable and responsible, shows up to work everyday on time, and responsible for completing tasks, my leadership skills to promote to others to motivate them to work at their highest level to reach the goals of employer. What is one area of improvement? ADVENTURER

How can you improve in this area to become a stronger candidate or employee? Need to improve on having a strong ego and not be hesitant using it to my advantage, need to enjoy challenges instead of just working them out, come up with new projects to motivate others to maximized there potentials.

Part B

Read the University of Phoenix Material: University of Phoenix Learning Goals, included in the materials for this assignment. Fill in the following matrix with summaries of how each university learning goal can help you with career preparedness. Do not copy the language used in the materials; instead, please explain these goals in your own words.

University Learning Goal
How can each goal prepare you for success in the workplace?
Professional Competence and Values

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Information Utilization