Career Building Competencies Essay

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Career Building Competencies

After completing my career interests’ profiler and competencies assessments, it helped me gain a better understanding of my competencies and how I apply them to a business setting. With the career interests’ profiler, it pretty much already told me what I already knew but more of a deeper understanding. What I do appreciate after taking completing the career interests’ profiler is providing me with a list of the different careers that would be best suited for me.

By completing the competencies assessment, it has helped me analyze my results such as, adapting to change, delivering results or innovating and how I can apply them to critical thinking. By understanding my personal competencies, what I can do to improve my skills can be using my results to help look outside the box. One result I found very intriguing was innovating. “To innovate” means to show something as if it was the first time or to alter something and I found that intriguing as one of my results. Applying innovation to critical thinking would mean to think outside the box, change my perception on how I see the problem so that the solution present itself.

Another way in applying my results can be in how I evaluate arguments. For example, adapting to change or coping with pressure are great competencies in which can help me evaluating arguments. With adapting to change, it can help me view the argument from a different point of view. It can open my eyes in seeing other possible solutions and coming to an agreement. Also with coping with pressure, it can help me by keeping me calm when in an argumentative position. Not only can it keep me calm but by staying calm, it can help me stay confident in what is argued. After taking this assessment, it has helped me understand my competencies when being applied to critical thinking and evaluating argument.