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Persuasive essay writing guide

Persuasive essay writing is a common assignment across various academic levels. Writing the essay is like arguing a case in front of a jury in the court of law. In such a case one has to present their case in a manner that it will persuade the jury to support their side. This means that the essay is a complicated one it does not only require explaining a topic, but also providing logical argument to support it. This means that it requires skills that will enable one write a persuasive essay that will earn marks.  Alternatively you can consult us for persuasive essay help.

What is persuasive essay writing?

It is a type of writing that the writer’s main goal is to persuade the reader to on a certain poit of view. Therefore, one should be well informed and use credible sources to explain their stance crystal clear. A student is supposed to conduct through research on the topic at hand, and develop a solid argument position.

Throughout the essay, the student is supposed to develop a solid argument, take a side and persuade the reader why they should adopt their claim. Through credible evidence one focuses on dispelling biases and assuring the reader that there is no any other point of view that makes sense rather than the one they support. The essay may be confused with an argumentative essay but the two are not the same.

Persuasive essay vs arguementative

Often people refer arguementative essay as a persuasive essay. Furthermore, most students assume that the two are similar. This may cause confusion whenever given an assignment to tackle either of the two. However, the two are written using different approaches.

The fact is the two have a common goal which is to persuade the reader on something on the basis of logic and reasoning. In most cases, a persuasive essay relies also on emotions apart from presenting facts. As much as one has to present convincing arguments, they have to make the reader feel that the side you are addressing is well defined that the other side. You can consult us for more information on arguementative essay.

Why is persuasive essay writing important?

As indicated earlier, persuasive essay is a common assignment in middle school, high school and colleges.  This is because most educational instructors believe that the essay keeps students more involved with class work. Moreover, students who write persuasive essays develop essential abilities such as critical thinking and ability to conduct research. However, if you feel you require assistance consult us for, persuasive essay help.

How to start a persuasive essay

If you want to write a flawless essay you have to brainstorm on the topic first. This will be easy if the topic will be provided for you. On the other hand, if the topic is not given you have to take time to generate a topic that will be debated and that you can argue your point of view without much struggle. At this point you have an option of either writing a topic that you have extensive knowledge in, or one that is new and you conduct research. You can get persuasive essay guidance from us and get ideas of topics to write about.

Conducting research is very essential in your writing. Through research work you get a foundation to build your essay. As you examine various sources you will get evidence that a writer will use to back up his or her claims.  After you are done with research work come up with an outline. This will you be more organized when you will be writing the final draft.

Persuasive essay outline

It includes three major parts with each of them focusing on an argument in correspondence to the topic given. They include the following

·       The introduction. It is the first paragraph whose main intention is catch the reader’s attention. The topic should the introduced at this point and give the audience a glimpse of what to expect. It should also include a thesis statement with is the last sentence of the paragraph.

·       Body paragraphs. They are the paragraphs between the introduction and body paragraphs. Each of them contain a claim that is supported by a logic arguments.

· is the last paragraph of your essay and gives the summary of your writing. No new ideas are introduced at this point, instead it finalizes ideas mentioned in the body paragraph.

If you have no idea of how to go about any of the above sections, you can consult us for persuasive essay guidance.

The essay format

The essay format is as follows.

·       Word count depends on the instructor’s instructions.

·       The recommended font as per instructions or 12-point Times New Romans.

·       Double spacing

·       Justified alignment

·       Structure as explained on the outline above.

Persuasive essay writing is a common assignment that requires dedication to do research work, extensive knowledge on the given topic, and awareness of the required outline. if you need assistance you can consult us for persuasive essay guidance.