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These last five weeks in EXP 105 has really helped me learn a lot about learning in general, and also it has helped me to understand myself as a learner. If I had to explain the concept of learning to someone who has not yet taken this class, I would tell them that it is simply knowing who you are as learner and knowing what are your intentions are when it comes to learning. Intentions alone play a big part in learning because that is the ultimate goal; becoming an intentional learner. An intentional learner knows how to approach learning by developing skills to read, write, and think critically. I always felt that learning itself was a full time job, but this class changed that view by teaching me how to learn, and also what my weak and strong points were. This helps you to manage time, and learning no longer feels like it takes forever. In this class we were given a learning connections inventory (LCI). It was a short survey to help us identify our learning patterns.

My LCI scores were as follows: Sequence 27, Precision 28. Technical Reasoning 20, and Confluence 17. Sequence and precision are my two use first learning patterns. I use these patterns on the regular. I am a very organized person and I like to make sure that I have all the information that is necessary before I perform a task. I use technical reasoning as needed, and then I avoid Confluence. Confluence requires a lot of creativity and that is the area I lack in the most so I try to stay away from it as much as I can. No matter how we use our learning patterns though, it always comes a time where we must use them all whether we realize it or not. Sometimes it is necessary to combine all of the learning patterns to get a full understanding of what is happening, or supposed to happen. The benefits of knowing your unique learning patterns are for one you already know how you should approach different tasks to get them done.

It takes the guesswork out and saves you time to go back and finish something you did not understand later. While learning patterns are strong tools to have in your tool box by themselves, sometimes it is necessary to have strategies to go along with them. When it comes to sequence I do not always think that a strategy is necessary because it is always important for things to be organized for them to look neat and flow smoothly when it comes too writing at least, and that is how I tried to think about every learning pattern and assignment in this class. My strategy for mu use first precision is to keep it at a minimum without being boring, less really is more sometimes. Technical reasoning will remain as it is since it is use as needed. I definitely know that my strategy for confluence was to intensify it a little more so that I can try to warm up to it and try to incorporate it into more of my assignments. The way that I took advantage of my strengths in this course was actually using them when I was completing assignments.

The biggest challenge of my learning patterns was figuring out when and how to use them. It gradually got better once we discussed FITing and decoding assignments. It did not take long for me to grasp those concepts and after that everything became clear and it all made sense on hoe it all fit together. That solved the problem of the learning patterns being hard to understand when it came to using them to complete assignments in the course. I didn’t get to use the FITing concept until the end, but I wish I would have known about it earlier. I definitely plan to use it in my future courses because it makes everything easier to understand and I enjoyed doing it.

I didn’t think of it as extra unnecessary work. It was more like a map to me to tell me what I should do. In the future I will also use more of the library and student resources to help me with FITing. The thing that I enjoyed the most about this class w being given the opportunity to learn about myself and who I am as a learner. I definitely feel different about learning and I plan to use everything I learned in this course in future courses. My favorite assignments to do in this class were the LCI and then the FITing and decoding assignment. To make the class a little better and more fun I think at least another variation of the LCI should be included. I had taken online courses before so all of my expectations were met. I enjoyed this class overall.