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Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences but typically describes a negative condition that can have an impact on one’s mental and physical well-being no matter you are young people or the old one. There are many different things can cause stress in our life. University is one of a stressful situation for young people due to several causes such as poor time management, peer pressure and financial problems.

One of the causes of stressful university life is poor time management. Before coming to the university, students are used to having parent’s helps in managing their time at home. For those who staying in the hostel, there are also people who in charge of taking care of the student’s time table like the teachers or the wardens. Students are being told on what to do like, when to study, when to sleep, when to eat and almost everything have been listed on the student’s timetable by the parents or the wardens.

Now in the university, they have to manage their time themselves. Students cannot optimize their time properly according to the university life and timetable. So instead they waste their times doing unnecessary things. Not just that, the differences between school timetables that is more orderly than university schedule that is more compact than usual like need to complete a range of assignments including those with various deadlines, lengths and priorities that really need a division of a good time management can cause stress to the students too.

The second cause for the stressful university life is, peer pressure. There are many students who have problems with this. When the first time they entered the university, some of students have trouble with making friends. They do not really know about their friend’s behaviour and what their friends like to do in their daily life. Mingle with the wrong type of people will be give bad affects for the students.

As example, you are a student who prefers to focus on the study and you do not like to go out doing unnecessarily things but you mingled with a type of friends who do not really care about the study and love to waste time doing things that are not beneficial. When you have to do things that you do not like, be friends with the persons that you do not enjoy to be with, all these can lead to stress. It is not just that, having problems like dealing with people among the students itself like the classmates, housemates or even relationship problems with boyfriend or girlfriends are also a normal thing that happened in the university life. If they cannot deal their problems nicely, they will get into a bigger trouble and will be stressed out.

Next, financial problems are the common problem that university students are having and the common cause for the stressful situation in university life. Like the time management problems, this financial problem also happen because the students do not really know how to manage their daily needs and their daily expenses without parents’ supervision and most of students do not have the ability to plan their spending. Besides that, they do not keep track of their money spending.

As student, there are many things that needs money and they have to know how to manage their daily expenses. From food expenditure to anything that involve money. There are also students who struggle to pay the university’s fees and need money to buy books. Having problems in financial really a tough thing for students. If they do not manage to have enough money, they will feel stress and cannot focus on their study and finally their academic will decline.

There is no doubt that university life really can make young people feel stress. University is one of a stressful situation for young people due to several causes such as time management, peer pressure and financial problems. For students who are not able to deal with their stress, they will definitely affect their studies. It will eventually cause their CGPA to drop. One of the ways to reduce stress on time management is creating a proper timetable, try to get used and forget the way you manage your time when you are in school and under parents’ supervision.

To reduce stress on peer pressure is mingling with the type of people that we like to be surrounded with, choose friends wisely and do not get involve with love issues. And the last one, to reduce stress on financial problems is, applying for scholarship or PTPTN. We have to be smart to deal with stress because there are many negative effects of living in a stressful life. Stress can affect both body and mind. People under large amounts of stress can become tired, sick, and unable to concentrate or think clearly. So, it is very important to reduce stress to have a healthier life.