ALLTEL Pavilion Case sample essay

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Due: Submit a copy of your essay via “Assignment Manager” by Thursday, November 13th, before your recitation begins. Then, as before, bring a printed copy of your paper to your recitation and be prepared to discuss this case.

Learning objective: As was the case with the individual assignment with Forest Hill, this assignment is designed for you to prepare for working with your team on the case. How can you, as a group, improve upon the way you get things done?

Assignment: Your team has been hired as consultants by ALLTEL Pavilion to provide financial modeling, analysis, and suggestions that will improve their future financial performance. Ultimately, your team must respond to ALLTEL concerning the questions that have been raised at the end of the case. For this individual assignment, write a memo to your fellow team members in which you address the following questions:

a. Answer Question #1 at the end of the case.
b. What does Pam hope to know or do as a result of your analysis?
c. What types of analyses do you recommend be done with the information provided? What is the end product “deliverable” your team will want to provide to ALLTEL Pavilion?

The memo to your team should be 1 to 2 pages, using 1.5 spacing (preferably). These memos will be the starting point for your team’s plan to complete the case assignment. You are not to “Do” the case in this memo yet; rather, you should recommend a work plan for your team to generate a meaningful final report.