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By the time I attend the graduation ceremony of University of Phoenix, there are three academic objectives I would like to accomplish. First and foremost, I would like to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Secondly, I would like to become a better writer. Last, I would like to become a better communicator so that I can network with people who are in the same career and field of work as me. With lots of dedication, hard work and completion of my classes, these are three goals I intend to complete. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix is my first academic objective.

I get one step closer to my goal by attending all my classes, completing my assignments with a passing grade, and doing the best at passing all my exams. Today, having a bachelor’s degree is like having a high school diploma. Most jobs require or prefer some type of degree from a person when hiring. Like Achieve said, “Much has been said about the importance of increasing the labor supply for ‘middle skills jobs,’ or those jobs that now (compared to decades past) require more than a high school education but less than a bachelor’s degree (e. g., associate degree, postsecondary certificate, apprenticeship, etc. )”

(Achieve, 2012) I recently applied for a job as a personal therapist to children with disabilities. When it came down to the interviewing and hiring portion, I was not able to get the job because I still have not received my bachelor’s degree. It was tough hearing the news but it really motivated and pushed me to go back to school and finish my degree. A bachelor’s degree has now become a necessity rather than a choice for me. Becoming a better writer would not only help in school but also in the world after graduation.

Beginning with the Gen 200 class, one main focus there is writing. Whether it is writing a paper or doing a project, it is important to know where a person is making mistakes and where he or she is doing a good job. I find myself having to refresh my memory with all the writing rules and regulations. I have to go back to what I learned in high school and in the college courses to remember what I need to know when it comes to writing. Having the proper knowledge of what a perfect paper looks like will be as important in school as it will be in the real world.

If a person is required to submit a report for work, he or she wants to be fully prepared so he or she does not look like a fool to the boss and coworkers. Good writers do not just happen. Good writers work hard at becoming who they are and are not afraid to ask questions. Never being afraid to ask questions or ask for help will make me a better writer and a better student. Constantly finding myself writing papers and doing assignments that involve writing will help me achieve my second academic goal of becoming a better writer. Communication and networking are really important in a career life.

The better of a communicator and net worker a person is, the better chances the person will have to escalate. In school one gets graded partly on how well he or she communicate in class, whether he or she talks, participate or just stay quiet and not say anything. But in the real world, one does not get graded on how good he or she communicates. One gets ascended or promoted if he or she is a good communicator and are not shy to speak up when needed. According to the journal The Importance of Communication, “There is a sheer necessity for personal effectiveness that stems from effective communication.

Time and again researchers have reinforced the importance of communication and its impact at the workplace. ” (Radhaswamy & Zia, 2011) If one is always being open and communicative, then networking should not be a problem. I want to not only be a good communicator and net worker, I also want to be a good listener to be able to get places and become someone. In order to fulfill my academic objectives, I need a plan to incorporate effective strategies for success as a student. How am I going to accomplish my goals and get them done?

By me attending my classes and passing them, I get one step closer to receiving my bachelor’s degree. I need to push myself to do my best in all the assignments and test so I can pass all my courses. Each class requires students to complete papers and assignments that need to be written. With that in mind, I will be able to perfect my writing skills. I have to remember to proofread all my papers and really strive for the best. To become a better communicator and net worker, I need to put myself out there so other can get to know me.

I need to find a mentor that is in the same career field as I am, so that that person can not only guide me but also help me when I need it. Nothing will get done I am willing to fully commit in achieving my academic objectives. The three academic objectives I would like to accomplish by graduation are not just to be a good student but also to set myself for greater things in life. Getting my bachelor’s degree, becoming a better writer and a better communicator/net worker are very important to me. With those three academic objectives, I will become a better employee, person and student.

They are three essential things that any person can use in their lives to get further in their careers. I know with the motivation, want to succeed, and push from those around me, I can accomplish my three academic goals from here to graduation day. References Achieve, I. C. (2012). The Future of the U. S Workforce: Middle Skills Jobs and the Growing Importance of Postsecondary Education. Achieve, Inc. Radhaswamy, P. , & Zia, A. (2011). The Importance of Communication. IUP Journal Of Soft Skills, 5(4), 52-56.