A chiropractic office sample essay

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A chiropractic office lost all of its computer data, and I was hired for the amount of time that it would take me to type up all of their hard copies into their new computer system. It took me a total of two weeks to type up a three-foot stack of papers. The skills required were mainly typing and editing skills, and sometimes I had to be able to read the doctor’s handwriting. I felt that no further motivation was necessary regarding skill level, since I am a quick, accurate typist and I enjoyed learning about various alternative health remedies as I went along.

I completed the entire stack of papers by myself, and I found the solitary work to be relaxing and enjoyable. I felt that my job was, indeed, meaningful since many of the papers were standard legal forms or alternative health information or recipes for kidney stones or other ailments. At any given point in time, I was either directly assisting the chiropractic office or the patients thereof. Since I was a friend of the chiropractor and a trusted member of the staff, I was given full autonomy to complete my assignment on my time, at my discretion and on my schedule.

That motivated me to do a stellar job in a short amount of time. Afterward, everyone was impressed by the quality of work I did, but especially the short amount of time in which I did it. I felt satisfied and like I accomplished something worthwhile and in an efficient manner.

I will use this same chiropractic office as my next example. An example of strategic planning is when the chiropractor refers the patient to their next appointment, telling them what needs to be checked up on or corrected next time.

In this manner, he is not leaving it up to the patient to decide, but recommending a timeframe for when they should return. In this manner, for as long as the patient needs his help, he is providing himself continuing clientele. An example of functional-level planning is when he hired me to type up his paperwork or hired a receptionist to take care of patient evaluation and scheduling of appointments. In this manner, he is allowing himself to give the patients his full, undivided attention which will heal them faster, and allocating other work responsibilities to other people.

In this way, he remains organized and punctual. The differences in decision making between the chiropractor and, say, his receptionist is drastic. If the receptionist were to determine when a patient was finished with treatment, a patient could be over-treated or under-treated and lose a lot of money, which would be spread by word-of-mouth and cost the business lots of money. And if the chiropractor made it his responsibility to take care of the tax reports, he would spend hours away from his treatment table, when he could be taking walk-ins or checking the status of a patient’s healing.