Making a killing: Hong Kong photo exhibition Essay

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Photographer David Chancellor offers a unique and often visceral insight into South Africa’s hunting safaris in his exhibition “The Game is Killing the Game”. Hosted by The Salt Yard, an arts space in Kwun Tong, the photo series calls for a reflection on hunting for sport when many species are in decline. Animal lovers will find some of the images in the exhibition distressing. In one shot the severed head of a lioness can be seen placed in a cardboard box, her jaws locked open with teeth bared, gaze transfixed. In another, a giraffe has fallen to the ground in a crumpled heap, after being shot by a hunter. Chancellor was born in London but lives and works in South Africa. The three times Nikon photographer of the year and World Press Photo award winner spent up to 10 days at a time embedded with hunters to capture the images. “It’s impossible to work clandestine,” he told the Los Angeles Times last year. “I realised very quickly that you need to embed with the hunting party – sleep, eat and breathe the hunt.

All the portraits are taken immediately after the hunter has killed. It’s impossible to duplicate that emotion which is ultimately read subliminally by the viewer of the work.” The exhibition comes as African and US politicians meet this week in Washington, with wildlife conservation high on the agenda. US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said about 20,000 elephants were slaughtered in Africa last year, while about three rhinos were killed every day in South Africa alone. “This hugely profitable illicit activity generates billions of dollars in revenue every year, fuelling growth in international criminal syndicates and reversing decades of hard-won conservation gains across the continent,” Jewell said.

[The Sun News] WASHINGTON Jiangsu couple with a group tour with his son to visit Hong Kong, yesterday morning, Hung Hom, with tours to a jewelery store shopping, mainland women refused shopping period, and to guide the requirements to continue the trip, only consumption of at least two thousand people wanted her to make arrangements Yuanshi, when both theories, mainland women fear being attacked police said. Police officers arrived at the scene after mediation, the two sides reach an agreement, a family of three “cut” from the group trip, the trio set out by the police rushed to MTR Hung Hom Station, self drive back to the mainland.

Hung Hom Station police rushed back to the mainland

The men allegedly forced shopping victim surnamed Su, peer wife surnamed Li (forty years old), son of about ten. Su said that a person participated in the mainland tour groups to Hong Kong to play four days, three days before the arrival yesterday to play for two days.Eleven o’clock yesterday morning, the tour by the surname Chen (39) male guided to a jewelry store shopping Lok Street, during Li Fu Chen made no intention to shopping and want to continue their journey to another place Chan visits, but rejected, and Lee was asked at least two thousand women in the shop Yuanshi consumer can make arrangements, Li wife and husband flatly refused and said I do not know when to participate in the trip must be shopping.

But someone at the scene said the tour itself has indicated shopping trip, probably a misunderstanding of the Soviet Union took part in the tour, it caused a dispute. Catfight between the two parties, Li women cry more excited, and said fear of someone brute force, then call the police for help. Police officers arrived at the scene investigation, found no wounded, no other group members received complaints from police questioning and mediation to Chen and Su family of three, the immediate family of three from the group is willing to exit the remaining two days of the trip, the final event been resolved. Since the Soviet one is not familiar with Hong Kong traffic, do not know how to ride back to the mainland, and finally by the police sent them to MTR Hung Hom Station, take the MTR own return to the Mainland.