Individual Assignment Objectives sample essay

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1. To provide an opportunity for the students to learn and understand the complex nature of organisations and the major influencing factors upon them;

2. To gain practical insights on the workings of the various business functional areas, their roles within business, their interrelationships and interdependence.

3. To familiarize the students with the nature of managerial activities and roles played by a manager in an organization.

4. To enable students to work individually and to do more readings regarding the topic tested.


As the head of your College’s Marketing Department, you are required to address a group of potential investors on your organization’s marketing strategies. Develop an outline with the key points that you would cover in your speech, including :

•Profiling of the market
•Segmentation and Targeting strategies
•Marketing Mix strategies

Marks = 20 marks

Number of words required = 1000 words

1. All facts obtained must have proper referencing using Harvard referencing system. Cut and paste from other sources are not acceptable.

2. Start each chapter on a new page; numbered the pages (at the bottom centre) except for the Cover page and Appendices; sources of tables, graphs and other diagrams must be referenced.

3. State the total number of words at the end of your report. Appendixes are not considered as part of the write-up.

4. No requests for extension of deadlines will be entertained except for extenuating circumstances for such matters as illness, severe and justifiable personal problems or other factors over and above those normally experienced by students, which may have adversely affected their performance (students must show evidence and proof of extenuating circumstances).