Autobiographical Essay Essay

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18 September

Autobiographical Essay

As far back as I can remember no one in my family talked about heritage or when and how we came to America. When I would ask questions the only answers that I ever received were, we are Indian, and that was from my fathers side of the family. My mother’s side of the family however was a different story. I have been told that I am part German and I am going to give as much information that I have of both sides of my Mother and Fathers families. After talking to my mother and learning where my ancestors came from I have a better understanding of my own culture, beliefs and biases.

To begin my story I will tell about my 2x grandfather on my Mothers side who according to “came to America from Germany he sailed from Bremen Germany to Galveston Texas on in 1853”. He met and married my 2x great grandmother in 1853 and together they had seven children of whom my great grandfather was one. My great grandfather moved to Arizona where he met and married my great grand mother and they had four Children of whom my grandfather was the youngest.

My grandfather met and married my grandmother in 1929, and together they had eight children in which my mother is one of the three youngest. For my grandmother the only information that I have is that she was born in Alabama, and from everything that I have heard from my mother, aunt, and my uncles, my ancestors were hard working people who taught their children good morals and values. They loved all people regardless of their race, religion, or color. However they believed that races did not go outside of their race to marry and have children. They believed that god and family came first and they would help anyone who needed help.

This leads me to my ancestors on my father’s side of my family the only information that I have been able to find is, that my grandfather was Native-American his mother, my great grandmother passed away when he was just a baby and family members had to take care of him. He met and married my grandmother and together they had twelve children in which my father is one of the oldest. While I do not have a lot of information about my father’s ancestor I do know that they were and are a very loving hard working family that put God and family first. However they can be very closed minded when it comes to people of different race, gender, and culture.

They can be very opinionated and while they will be nice to all people they are very cautious around people that are not family. I believe that ancestors past and present have help to shape the person that I ma today. I have learned to use my critical thinking to form my own beliefs and I am so proud to be living in America where I can make the right choses for me. I want to be able to give my future student the best education that I can and from what I have learned about my culture I know that I will be able to help my students make the right choses in getting to know all cultures and traditions before making the wrong decisions of treating others badly.

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